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40 years of walking

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

This morning was a special morning. I was up and out downtown to see if I could take some good pictures of people walking through the morning sun.

Then he showed up. His appearance was charismatic, not only from his suit, shoes and hat, but also from his way of walking, his body language and his facial expression.

Last became visible to me after I shot a few pictures and got noticed by him.

I‘ noticed you were taking a photo of me, was it successful and if yes, can I have a copy if it?‘

His question reached me, while I excitedly was looking onto my camera screen and at the picture you can see here.

I showed it to him and he said ‚Excellent! An excellent photo of my last day on this route to my office. Today is my last day of work, tomorrow I am a retired manager.‘

This made me almost speechless!

We talked for a couple of minutes until he proceeded on this last walk towards the end of a long business work life.

What a special moment, what a special ‚catwalk towards my camera‘.

HaPpY me to be shooting there, at that moment and especially that man. Have a nice retirement, Pedro!


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