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Companionship makes meeting others a pleasure

In my opinion it‘s the company with others that makes life wonderful. Especially the meetings we have, that are spontaneous, unplanned but exciting, enriching, entertaining.

A few days ago there was such an event. I went to meet a friend. He was sitting in a small but cosy bar/coffeeshop. We sat there, talking and then I used my camera. And the sound of the shutter made me ‚visible‘ for someone sitting two tables left of us. 

‚Nice to hear a real camera being used instead of just a phone‘ was the opening to an interesting talk between two pairs of friends. And proceeded as a wonderful hour talking about a lot of things common to all of us, coming together as strangers and getting known better and better as humans. 

We talked about the old times of photography, darkrooms, red and greenlight. Development of films and photos. And about development in other areas. The health system, assistence for disabled persons. Music, social work, friendship. Projects the one or the other had done. There were a lot of common topics. And a lot of harmony. But as well a lot of passion. You might notice it in the one or the other of the pictures ;-)

Go out and meet others, it‘s wonderful !!!


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