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Passion and Profession

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

I happened to accompany a friend and his son to a shop, where they sell musical instruments. ‚Musical Via Roma‘ is located at La Rambla in Palma de Mallorca.

The moment I entered the room, it was like arriving in a special envirement. The furniture spoke a language of tradition, the walls were full of instruments like guitars, fluets, drums, keyboards.

The intention of my friend and his son were, to have a look for a guitar and maybe something else, a drum or something similar.

They were advised by the only salesperson in the shop. A friendly man whose eyes were  filled with passion and love for his profession.

I never acompanied someone willing to buy a guitar, so the following hour was really interesting to me.

It was about different types of guitars, material, thickness of material, strings, sound body, volume, musical styles and: about passion for music, handmade music.

I couldn‘t help, but the atmosphere of the room, the personality of the man, the instruments and all that immersed into a special light, made me take out my camera and shoot several pictures.

Of cause I asked for permission and explained why I would love to do so and I got full permission :-)

The talk and trial of instruments almost felt like a kind of concert. A concert of passion, profession and power.

I am glad, I joined my friend on this special shopping tour. I am glad, I got known to this passionate man. Thank you, Jesus!


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