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Playing like children in the sun

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

It‘s sunday, a kind of lazy day. I came down from the tramuntana mountains, grabbed my camera and walked around Placa Espana.

The sun was already low and led to long shadows and harsh back-lighting.

When I arrived at Parque des las Estationes I saw people sitting around an area, where there are water nozzles coming from the ground.

Children were running around, playing with balls, skateboards, scooters and just with each other.

I positioned myself at a spot, where I was overviewing the scenery and had the sunlight shining right in my face.

Suddenly some kids jumped around the water nozzles and somehow these startet spraying water.

Two of the kids started to catch some water and through it at each other. That was the moment I was waiting for. Like a hunter I went forward, kneed down and focussed the scene. A few moments later I knew, there was one amazing shot between all the pictures that I had taken.

I was right and it made me smile like a child playing in the sun.


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