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Vanessa Küstner

It is again and again an honor as well as a challenge to be at an event and take pictures of passionate people, gathering around an artist and the art. I watch them talking, posing, thinking, dreaming… and I take my photos.

Taking the photos is the easy part for me. I always find the right moment, I always deal with difficult lighting situations, I always balance out beeing couraged enough to go and shoot and step back and be discret.

The hard part comes at home with all of the raw photos ‚in my hands‘.

Reviewing, selecting, adjusting - all of this is the harder part of the ‚job‘ of creating the result. And it‘s a process that needs time, passion and persistence.

Maybe the hardest part is to be confident.

Confident to do it right, confident to chose the right amount of adjustment, so my art comes to existence and I also have the feeling, nobody might be offended by my photos of them.

My intention is always to show people, real people in a moment of passion, pleasure or authenticity. Concentrated in black and white, shadow and light. Showing the essence of the person in that moment.

My hope is to inspire and to create something special, unique. As unique as we all are.

Never forget: You are beautiful !!!

The final photos of the exhibition „SMILE“ of Vanessa Küstner at Gerhardt Braun Gallery on 4th of August 2023 are here:

P.S.: You can ask me to join your event ;-)

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