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by Kai Pawlowski

"To photograph people and their authenticity, power and uniqueness is my passion."


Do you like my kind of
and the look I create?

You can be the person on a set of such photos!

I use my art and my eye, to create an image, that shows not only a face or a person, but that expresses the essence of that person.

If you book me, my photos will show you with your extraordinary power, talent, beauty and uniqueness.

To reach this goal, I might go unconventional ways, might be uncomfortable and different. But the results will be better, the more you let me do, what I am passionate about.

And finally we might create a MASTERPIECE of ART with YOU as the MODEL.

Call and book me now !

For a Personality-Photo-Shooting, for Events like Art-, Music-, Fashion- or Company-Events, as well as for a special additional People-Photographer at a Wedding.

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